Montanoa hexagona. A-L, variation in mature leaves...

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"Montanoa hexagona. A-L, variation in mature leaves: A, B, I, FRa 2643 (OS); C, E, H, FL 2944A (OS); 0, F, FL 2951 (OS); G, FL 2910 (OS); J-L, FRa 2562. M, disc corolla and style, FL 2909 (OS); N, pale subtending disc floret at anthesis, FL 2909 (OS); 0, mature pale, Se 34583 (F); P, mature achene, Se 34583 (F). A-I, J-L, M-P, same scale respeclively."

Photographer: Funk, Vicki. Publisher: Tegegn, Tseday.

Funk, Vicki
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